PCB Raw Material Suppliers

Incoming Material Control For PCB

SysPCB ensures that incoming material quality is always top concern it is the base of all the following process. We never compromise with substandard quality materials.

When purchasing materials for our boards, our IQC team carefully checks everything being sent to us. Meanwhile, we are careful to adhere to all the specifications you required, on top of those set by the regulating bodies we subscribe to.

We always honor the quality of our material and integrity of our services and products. We will not settle for less than excellence, and we are ready for your most rigorous requirements.

Below are the material suppliers we normally use. These are well-known raw material brand in PCB industry, who guarantees the steady product quality of SysPCB. We constantly pay attention to our long-term relationship establishment between raw material suppliers and SysPCB to assure the stability and Reliability of the top quality material supply. The friendly relationship leads to the mutual support and growing-up since our PCB business started.

Raw material inspection for PCBA

Incoming Control IQC, all components must be verified and approved before going to the warehouse. All PCBs must go through the open and short test as well as visual inspection after passed the relative physical tests.