Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCBs are mainly used in high-power distributors, heat sinks, planar transformers, and power ACs. We can produce Heavy copper PCBs up to 20oz. In general, if your circuit is going to pass a large current, it is recommended to choose a heavy copper circuit board. So what exactly is a heavy copper circuit board? Why choose heavy copper PCB for high current?

1. let's talk about what is heavy copper PCB?

Everyone should know that the circuit board is made of copper clad laminate. There is a layer of copper foil on both sides of the copper clad laminate. When the thickness of the copper foil is greater than or equal to 2oz, the circuit board is defined as a heavy copper plate.

2. What are the characteristics of heavy copper plate?

Copper realizes the effect of conducting electricity on the circuit board, and the heavy copper plate has the characteristics of carrying large current, reducing thermal strain, and good heat dissipation.

①. Heavy copper circuit boards can carry large currents

In the case of a certain line width, increasing the copper thickness is equivalent to increasing the cross-sectional area of the circuit, so that it can carry a larger current.

②. Heavy copper circuit board reduces thermal strain

Copper foil has a small conductivity, and the temperature rise is small when passing a large current, so the heat generation can be reduced, thereby reducing thermal strain.

Tip: The conductivity is the resistivity, and the metal "conductors" are divided into: silver→copper→gold→aluminum→tungsten→nickel→iron according to the conductivity.

③. Heavy copper circuit board has good heat dissipation

Heavy copper PCB stack up

Heavy copper PCB stack up

Copper foil has high thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity 401W/mK), which can play an important role in improving heat dissipation performance.

Tip: Thermal conductivity refers to the heat transfer through 1m2 area within 1H for a material with a thickness of 1m and a surface temperature difference of 1°C on both sides under stable heat transfer conditions, and the unit is W/m•K.

The construction of thick copper circuits brings the following advantages to the PCB:
1. Greatly increase the current capacity
2. Higher thermal strain tolerance
3. Better heat dissipation
4. Increase the mechanical strength at the connector and PTH hole
5. Reduce product size

Application of thick copper PCB

With the increase of high-power products, the demand for thick copper PCBs has also greatly increased. Today's PCB manufacturers pay more attention to the use of thick copper plates to solve the thermal efficiency problem of high-power electronic products.

Heavy copper PCB microsection

Heavy copper PCB microsection

Under the condition that other conditions remain unchanged, the calorific value of the line is inversely proportional to the thickness of the line. Therefore, designing the board as a heavy copper plate can reduce heat generation, thereby reducing thermal strain caused by heat generation. To sum up, different from ordinary PCB, heavy copper plate has the significant advantages of carrying large current, good heat dissipation, and reducing thermal strain, which greatly reduces the risk of board burning, and is an excellent option for high-current PCB design. In addition, the design of heavy copper plate can also increase the mechanical strength of the circuit board and reduce the volume of the end product. With the development of science and technology, people need more and more electronic products with high performance, multiple functions, small size, capable of carrying large current and good heat dissipation, thus the demand for heavy copper plates is also increasing.

Based on the characteristics of the above heavy copper plate PCB, it is recommended that you choose a heavy copper plate for high current, which can better realize the circuit function.

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6 Layer Heavy copper PCB----------4 Layer Heavy copper PCB for voltage transformer

6 Layer Heavy copper PCB                                                   4 Layer Heavy copper PCB

Layer count: 6                                                                        Layer count: 4

Board thickness: 3.0mm                                                        Board thickness: 2.0mm

Copper thickness: 4/4/4/4/4/4oz                                            Copper thickness: 6/4/4/6oz

Application: Power supply                                                     Application: Voltage transformer

Max. current: 30A                                                                  Max. Current: 25A