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Medical Application

With the rapid expansion of the intelligent medical machinery market, the demand for medical machinery products in every country in the world continues to grow. China has become the third largest medical device market just behind the United States and Japan. At present, China already has the world's strongest production capacity of mid-to-high-end medical device products. The number of medical device manufacturers with a certain production scale even exceeds that of European and American medical device manufacturers combined. Among them, there are 200 medical device manufacturers specializing in production of mid-to-high-end medical device products, for example mid-to-high-end syringes used clinically in the United States, mostly come from China. Therefore, with the serious aging of the population in all countries in the world, more and more elderly people need to use high-end medical equipment, which makes the demand continue.

SYS Technology provides mid-to-high-end PCBA customized manufacturing services for medical machinery customers, with precision manufacturing, from PCB circuit board production, SMT processing, component procurement, PCBA testing and other one-stop services. We use advanced printing machines and placement machine equipment, and select high-purity lead-free tin soldering rods from Yunnan tin, and we use mid-to-high-end processing raw materials for tin wires.

Blood Glucose Test Meter PCBA

Blood Glucose Test Meter PCBA

SYS Technology specializes in medical PCBA assembly and medical PCBA production for medical companies of all sizes. In particular, we support smaller or more specialized medical companies that require SMT processing of flexible printed circuit boards that are produced in smaller volumes and can be assembled to meet their specific needs.

Our medical PCBA assembly services ensure high quality, reliability and traceability.

For many years, SYS Technology professional technicians have manufactured medical PCBA products according to the quality standards required by medical electronic manufacturing companies.

Our PCBA products can be found in many medical devices such as diagnostic imaging equipment, lasers and hand-held dental tools etc. Our quality system passed ISO 9001:2015. SYS Technology can provide PCB assembly and testing for almost any desired medical device control PCB board, such as medical and dental equipment requires high precision.

At SYS Technology, we are responsible for manufacturing of PCB and assembly of medical PCBA, so you can spend more time running your business in marketing of medical devices. Even if you only need to assemble a small amount of equipment, we can quickly and accurately meet your needs. To learn more about how SYS Technology can help you, contact us today!